Good news for dog lovers across the Lone Star State - a bill allowing doggos to dine in outdoor seating areas of restaurants has been signed into law.

The Associated Press reports that Senate Bill 476 allows dogs in outdoor dining areas if the restaurant posts signs, doesn't let the puppers inside the building, doesn't prepare food in that area, and requires humans to keep their furry friends on a leash.

SB 476 also requires that dogs enter the outdoor area directly from the exterior of the business, and prohibits Fido from being in a seat, on a table, or on any countertops or similar surfaces.

Restaurants don't have to allow dogs under the new law, but now they can do so without having to jump a number of bureaucratic hurdles.

If your favorite restaurant allowed dogs on the patio, would you take your four-legged friend? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments, and bone appétit.

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