Social media was a mistake.

Whether it's celebrities and politicians posting things that come back to haunt them or kids giving away their phone numbers to strangers to be part of world-wide games of truth or dare, it just seems like we'd all be better off without it.

Like any mass communication medium, social media has become a target of grifters trying to get your valuable information to sell and abuse online. This time, they're trying to lure you with succulent lobster dinners.

The Associated Press reports that there's a scam circulating on social media claiming Red Lobster is celebrating its 50th anniversary by asking customers to fill out a survey in exchange for free dinner for two. Company representatives say that's absolutely not true, and that they're working to have the scam posts removed. (Good luck with that.) Besides, their anniversary was way back in January.

As difficult as it may be to resist the promise of buttery seafood goodness, don't give in. If you see an add or post online claiming you'll receive free food from Red Lobster in return for filling out a survey, ask yourself why on earth a seafood chain would be asking you for banking information and relatives' phone numbers.

Hopefully these crusty crabs get pinched soon, though we're sure more guppies will pop up to take their place.

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