This cannot be real, right? I'm about to have a fit here. If this turns out to be true, it might be a time for a talk, Texas.

Regardless, what exactly are we talking about here? Well it involves most everyone's favorite subject: food. Specifically, food of the fast variety.

Top Data published the favorite fast eateries for every state, and I cannot believe how Texas ranked in terms of favorites. Here's the list:

1. A&W Restaurants

2. In-N-Out Burger

3. Chipotle Mexican Grill

4. Shake Shack

5. El Pollo Loco

Um, I have a simple question: HOW IS WHATABURGER NOT ON THIS LIST? This is some type of joke right?

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I mean I've seen more Whatburgers around me than A&W's. Obviously, I'm not trying to say A&W is bad no way shape or form. But I haven't seen an A&W around Killeen or Temple in the longest time.

I have seen one In-N-Out, which once again seems like it's pretty high on the list. I also like In-N-Out, but we're in Texas, and Whataburger is a staple here.

Chipotle makes a little bit of sense at 3, I know a lot of friends who enjoy Chipotle. As for Shake Shack, I also enjoy it, but I also haven't seen one around Killeen or Temple recently. Same with El Pollo Loco.

Last time I saw one of those was as a kid in Georgia when they opened ones there. But how did Texas's own not make the top 5?

Am I losing it here? Let me know via our station app!

So I'm beginning to think this isn't legit. Or

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