A Killeen middle school student was arrested Monday after allegedly threatening a Killeen ISD campus.

In a news release, KISD officials reported that police were alerted to the threat against Nolan Middle School around 7:45 AM. Killeen police and campus officers coordinated to secure the campus and investigate the threat, which ultimately proved to be unfounded.

According to KISD, the student was in custody four hours later and charged with making terroristic threats. He was transported to a juvenile detention center.

Due to the student's age, their identity was not made public by KISD or KPD.

"The safety of our campus is our highest priority," the KISD news release read. "Our students and staff were never in any danger. Our students must understand that we are serious about school safety and any students making or spreading false, unverified threats against our schools will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

If you're a student reading this, please don't hesitate to report threats you see or hear. It was fortunate that this one didn't amount to anything, but we've seen too many days when that wasn't the case. School districts take all threats seriously, so don't even joke around or make a threat for attention. You could find yourself behind bars.

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