It seems to be a little safer to drive in Nolanville now.

The Killeen Daily Herald is reporting that Nolanville has become the first city in Bell County to ban the use of wireless communication while driving.

The Nolanville City Council voted unanimously on Thursday on an ordinace phohibiting the use of wireless communication while driving.

They joined 90 other cities in Texas that have already passed such laws. The Nolanville ordinance provides for a penalty not to exceed $500. However, the amount will double if you're caught in a construction zone.

Here's how the ordinance actually reads...It shall be unlawful for an operator of a motor vehicle to use a wireless communication to view, send or compose an electronic message or manually engage other application software while operating a motor vehicle on any roadway in the City, including when stopped.

Pay close attention to that last bit. "...including when stopped." That's the part that could catch a lot of folks.


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