Residents were forced to evacuate or shelter indoors after a contractor accidentally ruptured an oil pipeline near Bastrop, TX on the morning of July 13th.

The Longhorn Pipeline, carrying crude oil from El Paso to Port Aransas, is owned by Magellan Midstream Partners. Magellan was able to contain the spill to a relatively small area.

The spill began around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. As of Friday morning, all roadways have been reopened and residents have returned home safely. Magellan has promised to reimburse all costs of evacuation for the affected locals.

Below is the full statement from Magellan Midstream Partners:

"Shortly before 9 a.m. CST this morning, a contractor working on Magellan’s Longhorn pipeline system struck a fitting on the pipeline approximately 4 miles southwest of Bastrop, TX causing a release. The incident occurred when the contractor was conducting maintenance activities on the pipeline, which was in service at the time. The preliminary volume estimate of the release is 1,200 barrels.  The pipeline was immediately and safely shut down and the line segment has been isolated.

Efforts are in progress to contain the crude oil release to minimize environmental impact and to ensure public safety. As a safety precaution, several families near the site have temporarily evacuated and a section of FM 20 has been closed. There are no injuries associated with the incident.

Local emergency responders, Magellan representatives, clean-up crews, and environmental crews are currently on site. All appropriate federal and state agencies have been notified. Clean-up activities will be underway this morning."

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