A terminally ill Iraq War veteran in New Braunfels has a final wish: calls and texts from you and me.

According to azcentral.com, 18-year Army vet Lee Hernandez is under hospice care, struggling with continuous strokes that have rendered him blind and affected his cognitive abilities. His wife, Ernestine, tells azcentral.com that her husband has undergone three brain surgeries, but doctors have been unable to determine what is causing his illness.

Hernandez's story was posted to the Arizona Veterans Forum Facebook page on July 11. According to the post, Lee asked his wife to hold on to his phone one day in case anyone called. When he didn't receive any calls, he said, "I guess no one wants to talk to me." Heartbroken for her husband, Ernestine took to social media to ask people to call or text her husband to help lift his spirits. Ernestine says she will read the texts to Lee, as his vision is practically gone.

If you'd like to call or text Lee to thank him for his service to our nation and offer words of encouragement and hope, his number is (210) 632-6778.

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