Traditions. Many of us have them. There are birthday traditions, whether you have the exact same birthday cake every year, or eat at your favorite restaurant every single year. Or maybe your family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas every year with the same friends or family. Of late, I have to say I have seen more and more Halloween traditions.

I wish I could say I carved the super cool pumpkins you see in the photos but I did not. This however does seem to be tradition these days. Pumpkin carving or painting pumpkins. I love it when I see a contest come across my social media feed and we are encouraged to 'vote for the best one.'

Im not Van Gogh but I sure will give pumpkin painting a try! If you don't currently have a Halloween pumpkin tradition, maybe give it a try. Our family prefers to paint pumpkins instead of carve but it is entirely up to you. All you have to do is:

  • hit up a pumpkin patch, (Fiddlesticks Farms always has some great pumpkins-plus you have fun on the farm, it's a win-win)
  • or grab a few pumpkins at the store- one for each member of your family
  • some dollar store paints will do the trick, so grab all colors and don't forget the paint brushes
  • newspaper to lay out so there won't be a mess all over where ever you decide to paint

Get to painting! Maybe have a theme in mind, be it your favorite Disney character, cartoon character, favorite color, emoji or anything fun. The key is to make memories, laugh and have a great time. Then post to social media and let all your friends decide the winner!

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