Every kid in the world has, at some point, wondered where they'd end up if they just started digging straight down.

When I was a kid, the joke was always, "If you keep digging up my yard, you're gonna end up in China!" Turns out that's not even close.

First, let me cover my inclusiveness bases.

If you're a flat-Earther, you'll eventually break through the bottom of the Earth and just fall straight down into eternal space because that's how physics work.

If you're a hollow-Earther, you'll eventually dig into a plesiosaurus nest and be eaten.

However, if you live in the real world, you'll eventually end up at the Earth's core and be melted. That is, if the intense pressure doesn't crush you first.

But let's say you find some long lost blueprints left behind by Jules Verne and build yourself a fancy drill that could pierce straight through the Earth. Where will you end up if you point it at the center of Temple, Texas and dig straight down?

Not China, I'm afraid.

You'll end up in the Indian Ocean somewhere between Madagascar and Australia.

Specifically, you'll find yourself at coordinates -31.098207, 82.657215. That's according to antipodesmap.com.

As you probably guessed using context clues, an antipode is any point on Earth's diametric opposite.

So kids, I'm sorry to crush your dreams of digging down to China or Australia, but at least now when your parents refuse to believe there's a monster under your bed, you can argue that there are technically several thousand of them.

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