On the eve of the beginning of Nidal Hasan’s murder trial, Judge Colonel Tara Osborn seated and questioned the panel members that will decide his fate.

The panel is made up of 13 officers of equal or higher rank than Hasan: 9 colonels, 3 lieutenant colonels and one major. Panelists were asked if they had been exposed to any media reports that might affect their objectivity and impartiality at trial. One panelist admitted to having briefly seen a news report referencing the beginning of the trial, but said she had quickly changed the channel. Neither side challenged the inclusion of any of the panelists.

Hasan’s trial will begin Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Fort Hood Lawrence J. Williams Judicial Center. Nearly 300 witnesses may be called during the trial, which Osborn told panelists could last for months despite a quick pace.