KWTX's Ke'Sha Lopez reported that authorities in Temple are investigating a possible arson fire that took place on Thursday March 21st.

The potential arson fire that is being investigated knocked out power, phone services, and internet services to customers in the area of the fire.

The Temple Police Police Department said, firefighters reported to the scene of a grass fire in the 700 Block of Red Coat Drive around 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.

When the firefighters arrived, the first thing they saw were a wooden privacy fence and utility box on fire in an alley.

Temple Fire Department's Facebook Page said that fire damaged an AT&T utility box on the scene.

The damage from the fire, was the cause behind the lost of phone and internet services in the area. Authorities said that a group of juveniles were seen in the vicinity of the fire.

The Fire Marshal's Office is working to identify the culprits who set the fire at the scene.

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