KWTX reported that a man robbed a bank inside the Walmart located at the 1500 block of Interstate 35 in Bellmead.

The robbery occurred at the Chase Bank branch located within the Walmart store. The robbery was reported to Bellmead authorities around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

A Bellmead officer spotted a man fitting the suspect's description as he was just getting to the store. The suspect was, William Juan Bridgewater, 67. He was arrested there at the scene at Walmart.

Bellmead authorities didn't find a weapon on Bridgewater, but did find $7,004 in cash in his possession. That money, was the exact amount the bank reported stolen in the robbery.

Employees of the bank told authorities that Bridgewater gave them a handwritten note saying, "This is a Robbery give me all your money." No one was injured at the scene, and the FBI is further investigating this robbery.

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