A cold front moving in from the northwest is expected to push strong storms into Central Texas late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

Meteorologist Sean Bellafiore with our partners at News 10 reports that the cold front will meet a wall of humid air in Oklahoma later this afternoon, then move southward.

A line of thunderstorms is expected to grow from east to west and arrive in the northern part of Central Texas after 11 PM.

These storms should arrive in Bell and surrounding counties just after 1 AM, bringing with them the threat of wind gusts between 60 and 70 mph and frequent lightening.

Sean says there is a marginal (very low) risk of hail and isolated tornadoes.

The storms are expected to have cleared by sunrise Wednesday.

If you have outdoor pets, please make sure they have a sturdy, dry shelter or, better yet, bring them inside for the night. Make sure you secure garbage bins, plants, and other yard items that could be tossed around by high winds, and be sure of where to go in your home to be safe in case a tornado or threatening winds do become a danger.

Again, the tornado risk tonight is low, but you should always be prepared.

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