The pressure of the holiday season affects everyone. Even POS's.

Via Clifton Police
Via Clifton Police

The pressure to get your kids what they want for Christmas must be intense. I don't have kids so I could give to shites.

The pressure to find the trending toy before they're all sold out will drive people to extremes. From hip checking Grandma into the mistletoe display, to stabbing the priest and screaming at him that he has no kids so why should he have the last toy!

Others are a little more subtle. They try to steal your credit/debit card info.

KWTX is reporting that police in Clifton Texas have found a skimmer at their town's Ace Convenience store.

They sent something out over Facebook to tell people to check their statements to make sure there are no fraudulent charges or purchases.

The find comes of an investigation on a complaint about fraudulent charges reported. The police contacted managers of stores, who, in turn, contacted fuel pump technicians, who ended up finding the skimmer.

Tip: A lot of places will place security tape around the edges of the fuel pumps. Check that tape before you pump to make sure it hasn't been ripped or tampered with.

When in doubt, just pay inside. Some places, like Walmart, will give you a discount on gas for using  a gift card at the pump, so there's another incentive to play it safe.




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