Here's double the proof that snakes are some scary creatures.

Check out this clip from BBC's Planet Earth II, in which a whole gaggle of snakes go after an iguana that manages to elude them. You'll be spellbound, especially at the 90-second mark when the iguana inexplicably manages to escape their grasp when it looks like it is caught. Bottom line: this is the most exciting chase since Al Cowlings was hauling O.J. in the white Ford Bronco.

If that didn't convince you that snakes mean business, then this surely will. This is a clip of a snake that managed to get its way onto a AeroMexico flight heading from Torreon to Mexico City on Sunday. Yup, it's a real-life snake on a plane -- insert your (NSFW) Samuel L. Jackson joke here. The snake was eventually taken in by animal control, but still it had the last laugh by scaring passengers to pieces. The tweet's translation, byu the way, reads, "The flying vibe ... ha ha ha. A unique experience in the Flight Torreon-Mexico, flight 231 Aeromexico. That if ... Priority landing."

Snakes -- don't mess with 'em.

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