We've bitten into some bland store-bought dessert before, but the oddity this Pasadena, Texas family was served takes the cake.

Marsy Flores tokd KPRC-TV she ordered a two-tier cake from her local Walmart to celebrate her daughter's graduation. The store's bakery department lost her order and offered her a different cake at no charge. They even added a picture and decorations along with the frosting.

Things got weird when Flores cut into the cake at her daughter's party and discovered the confection was made entirely of Styrofoam.

Flores was pretty broken up about it, telling KPRC that her daughter's special moment was lost and can't be replaced. Walmart has apologized and given the family a $60 gift card.


I get that a parent would want everything to be perfect for their child's party, especially on such a momentous occasion. That said, I don't know that I would have been angry or distraught in this situation.

I mean, what are the odds of someone at a bakery actually decorating a Styrofoam cake and giving it to you without even noticing they'd made a huge mistake?

At least you'd have an interesting (and, in my opinion, hilarious) story to share for years.

"Remember when Walmart accidentally gave us a fake cake?"


Hey, at least no one bit into it.

Still, I have to wonder how no one noticed that the cake felt too light, and how do you decorate an entire cake without realizing it's packing material? Yeeesh.

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