It's no secret that Texas has a feral hog problem on its hands, and some lawmakers are hoping a new bill will help Texas landowners defend their property and help curb the runaway pig population.

Senate Bill 317 would change current Texas law, which requires a landowner have a hunting license or be able to provide proof that a feral hog was destroying their property.

If Governor Greg Abbott signs the bill into law, a landowner wouldn't be cited or fined for shooting a hog that sets hoof on their land. The legislation even protects people who shoot feral hogs on a landowner's property with that owner's permission, even if they don't have a hunting license. (So if your friend is a better shot or wants some hog meat, you can give them permission to shoot a hog on your land.)

If the legislation meets the governor's approval, it'll become law on September 1, 2019.

Texas usually loves boasting about having the biggest, best, or most, but the case of feral hogs, we're unfortunate enough to have the nation's largest feral hog population. The hogs compete directly with livestock and game for food and can do serious damage to ranch land, planting fields, and wild habitats.

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