It's the most wonderful time of year - for thieves. An estimated 1 billion packages are shipped around America during the holidays, which means more opportunities to nab gifts from your front porch. Most recently, a Killeen family was robbed of gifts for their sons - right from their front porch.

The video above shows a man walking up to the porch, grabbing the box and running off into his white truck.

Mario Duran, the father, was at work on Monday when he was alerted on his phone that his motion detector by the front door was set off. He played the video and watch a man he did not recognize come to the front door and take a package of Christmas gifts meant for his two sons - one is 8 and the younger is 4 years old.

The family immediately called the cops and will be having the rest of their packages delivered to the UPS store or require a signature upon delivery. They now hope other families in the Killeen community are aware of how easy it is for someone to just grab a package from your front door this season.

Valerie, mother of the two sons told KWTX:

I hope he feels ashamed of himself when he opens that box and sees toys in there, because, he just stole from an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old kid, that's who he stole from.