Whether you remember them or not, everyone has dreams when they sleep. Unfortunately, our deepest, darkest fears can creep into those dreams, and they become nightmares.

I'm not into mysticism or the idea that your dreams can reveal the future, but I do think they can provide insight into what might be bothering you or what you desire in life.

My most pleasant dreams are of being inside a giant house in the country on a nice, sunny day. As I explore the house, I keep finding new rooms and little hidden spaces where I could curl up with a good book. Since my dream is to one day own a big house on a piece of land far away from the urban noise and clutter, I'm not surprised.

My worst nightmares tend to involve one of two situations - I'm either being fired from my job in front of everyone as my boss reads out a list of everything I've ever bungled at work, or I'm flying, which is fun at first until I realize I can't stop going higher and higher and am losing control.

Not sure what that second one means, but it's a mirror image of the nightmare that seems to haunt the majority of Texans.

The folks at Mattress Advisor recently surveyed over 1,500 Americans to get an idea of what most of us are having nightmares about.

According to their findings, the most common nightmare in Texas involves falling. 14.3% of Texans reported having a nightmare about falling, and Ashley Little with Mattress Advisor reports that this could be the result of stress and anxiety, or a physical phenomenon known as hypnic jerk.

We're not alone. Falling was the second-most reported nightmare across the U.S., just behind being chased. Missing important events, teeth falling out, a loved one dying, getting lost, being trapped, getting dumped, encountering an ex, and home invasion rounded out the top ten.

Do you have nightmares about falling? If not, what makes you jerk awake at night?

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Image Courtesy of Mattress Advisor
Image Courtesy of Mattress Advisor

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