Officials in Waco, Texas are looking for two suspects wanted for the thefts of multiple vehicles statewide. The value of the stolen cars is estimated to be around $750,000.

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Police in Waco, Texas are working closely with agencies across the state to find the suspects, including the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, and police departments in Robinson, Bellmead, and Plano.

Organized Crime in Waco

KWTX is reporting that 33-year-old Isabel Gonzalez and 33-year-old Rolando Hernandez are both wanted for engaging in organized crime. Hernandez is also wanted for a hit and run, as he caused a wreck and then fled from police during a traffic stop in Waco.

What Does 'Organized Crime' Mean?

According to Interpol, or the International Criminal Police Organization, organized criminal networks are involved in many different types of criminal activities spanning several countries with multiple people involved in the illegal chain. These activities can include human trafficking, selling drugs and other illegal items, armed robbery, and counterfeiting/money laundering.
The Texas Penal Code states that organized crime does not apply to a different kind of criminal activity, but instead increases the penalty for certain crimes committed (or conspiracy to commit the crimes) while the individual was a member of a gang or other criminal group. If the underlying crime is a first degree felony, the punishment is life or a term of anywhere from 15 to 99 years, according to the Texas Penal Code.

Waco Crimestoppers

If you have any information regarding the location of Gonzalez or Hernandez, please call the Waco Police Department at (254) 750-7500, or send an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers at (254) 753-4357. You can also report tips online at

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