A deal between a group of teens and a man they paid to sell something for them took a weird and dangerous turn outside a Killeen video game store Monday afternoon.

Our news partner KWTX reports that three juveniles were robbed at gunpoint by a man they asked to sell a piece of hardware for them.

The three were reportedly too young to sell a gaming console at the Game Xchange at 2501 South W. S. Young Dr., so they found a man who agreed to sell it for them.

The trio told police that after the man sold the console, he refused to give them the money. They followed him to a car where he pointed a gun at them, then got into another car and sped away.

Police learned that the first car the suspect approached was stolen, but a witness gave them reason to believe that the teens may have driven to the store in a stolen car as well. The witness reported seeing one of the teens toss away a set of keys later discovered to belong to a car parked behind the shop that was reported stolen.

No injuries were reported.


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