Have you ever opened a picture at work and heard everyone standing around your desk say, "Daaaang!"?

I had one of those moments this morning when Temple Fire & Rescue released this photo.

What you're seeing is a Chevy Blazer that collided with a tree on North Point Road around 6 AM Wednesday. As you can see, the roof of the vehicle was sliced right off. The truck kept going and hit another tree, coming to a stop in a drainage ditch.

Three people were in the truck. One was transported to Baylor Scott & White Hospital for evaluation. The other two refused medical transport.

Just looking at this makes you feel sure that it could have been much worse.

Look, wherever you're trying to get to in such a hurry probably isn't worth getting hurt or losing your life over. And when the roads are slick as they were this morning, you've got be extra careful.

Meteorologist Brady Talyor with our news partner, KWTX-TV, says the rain is moving east out of our area, but gusty wind is expected Wednesday afternoon. Keep that in mind, wear your seat belt, and just take it easy.

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