There are so many great reasons to live in Temple, and here's one more to add to the list.

The folks at the Council for Community and Economic Research recently conducted a study to find out which town in the United States has the most affordable overall cost of living. Not only did Temple make the list of cities with the cheapest groceries, but it actually topped it!

That's right - Temple was ranked the #1 city for grocery bills that are easy on your family's budget. In fact, another Central Texas town came in at #3 - Waco. The #2 spot went to Kalamazoo, Michigan, but Texas swept up the rest of the Top 5 with Harlingen at #4 and Nacogdoches at #5.

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According to the report, Temple grocery prices are 23% below the national average, while Waco's are 21.5% lower.

In case you're wondering, you'd be paying the most for groceries if you lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, Manhattan, New York, Kodiak or Juneau, Alaska, or Seattle, Washington.

Harlingen, Texas took the #2 spot for least expensive urban areas in the U.S., with Kalamazoo, Michigan taking the #1 slot.

Now, I thought this was kind of funny. The report includes a section about the affordability of haircuts due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Harlingen, Texas took the #1 spot, while McAllen, Texas came in at #2.

You'd pay the most for a haircut if you lived or worked in Washington D.C. Must be all those senators and slimy lobbyists booking all the appointments.

I grew up in Troy and have lived in Temple my entire adult life, and it's not until I take the occasional trip out of town that I'm truly reminded of how good we have it here.

It's also great to have H-E-B. Just sayin'.

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