After a tough overtime loss to the College Station Cougars for the number one spot in district 18-5A, the Temple Wildcats are looking to bounce back this week.

The Wildcats are squaring off against the Bryan Vikings at Wildcat Stadium on Friday. The Bryan Vikings have a record of 3-6 overall, and 1-4 in district. Don't let the fact that the Wildcats are the polar opposite of the Vikings with an overall record of 6-3, and 4-1 district fool you that this will be a runaway game.

In last year's contest against Bryan, the Temple Wildcats squeaked out a 37-34 win. Bryan lost a boatload of great players with their senior class last year, and are made up of a majority of sophomores and juniors this year.

Also, the Bryan Vikings lost to College Station by one point earlier in the year. And also lost to A&M Consolidated by just nine points, and everyone knows how the Tigers fought back against Temple to lose in the end of that one to lose by eight points.

Throughout the years of district 18-5A, Bryan and Temple have always had highly competitive games against one another. Why not expect anything but that tonight from a team that has nothing to lose. With the Vikings mathematically out of the playoff picture, why not leave your mark on a team who is preparing for postseason play such as the Wildcats?

The Vikings have been winless at home this year at a mark of 0-5, but have a record of 3-1 on the road. The Temple Wildcats definitely need to come out and play Wildcat football, or their could be a very nasty taste in their mouths on their way to the playoffs coming off of two losses.

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