A young girl's quick thinking saved the life of her mother and two brothers.

The Temple Police Department is singing the praises of Emma, who was traveling along State Highway 36 in a car with her family when her mom had a medical emergency.

Emma got in her mother's lap, put the vehicle in neutral, and coasted to a safe stop. An ambulance crew was then able to get to the scene and treat Emma's mom.

With all the negative news out there, it's so refreshing to see a story with a happy ending, especially when it involves a smart kid who kept her cool and knew just what to do when the worst happened.

Police didn't say how old Emma is, but she seems to me to be around 10 years old. She's obviously watched her mother drive and been taught how to operate the family vehicle when something goes wrong, and as is the case with most heroes, her training kicked in and she saved the day.

Way to go, Emma! You're a total rock star.

Many of us who grew up in small towns or out in the country learned the basics of driving early by sitting in a parent's lap. It's probably not entirely kosher for me to say this in the age in which we're doing more than ever to keep kids in bubble wrap, but I think that if you're careful, it's an awesome way to teach kids about responsibility and how to handle themselves on the road, especially if something happens to you and they can do something to help.

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