Ok, getting drunk and talking trash about the bride is a pretty horrible idea. This time it sent one man to the ICU at Baylor Scott & White Memorial Hospital. According to a police report, it's a case of an over-served couple who attended a wedding and began making derogatory comments to the bride. What groom would stand for this? So, fists flew. Well, there's more.

The wedding had ended and the attendees gathered outside a residence on Stratford drive in Temple. 25-year-old Jerrod Vasquez punched his bride's Uncle in the face after hearing what was said to his wife. The groom's new relative then fell to the ground, busting his face even more on the concrete, then he passed out.

A little about the Uncle? He apparently uses a cane to walk and has a metal plate in his hip. Whatever happened during the fall caused damage to his face, and required surgery resulting in the Uncle being intubated and placed on a ventilator.

Vasquez was arrested and released on Thursday of last week after posting $100,000 dollar bond.

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