Texas is full of so many traditions and unique traits about the state. Tried and true There are lots of things outsiders just don't get about Texas. There are tons of things we love that outsiders just don't get. That's alright though, we can break it down right now.

Being in Texas builds a sense of pride inside. We have so many amazing things that other states just don't have. We live in luxury, not because of money, but because of what the state itself has. Scroll down and you will know exactly what I mean.

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For example, unlike California, we do not have to eat In-n-Out on a weekly basis. No, we have something even better. You already know I'm talking about What-a-burger. I dare you to name anything In-n-Out has that can beat a fresh Patty Melt.

Also, it's a shame that other states do not take as much pride in their convenience stores as we do. Our stores go all out for us, and we definitely show our appreciation; especially to a state-wide famous beaver.

Now there are some things even we can't explain, like why Texans insist on wearing flip flops, even in winter, or Texans' obsession with well, Texas, but we have narrowed down a few things for y'all as a courtesy.

And being courteous is as big on in Texas.

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