With so many negative headlines flying around online, it's always great to be able to share a story about basic human decency and kindness. We all know it's alive and well, but sometimes the 24/7 news cycle crushes that out of us and we need to be reminded.

Case in point - an Alvin ISD custodian was recently photographed lying on the floor to comfort and calm a young autistic girl who was overwhelmed by the noise in her school's cafeteria.

Alvin ISD shared the photo and the story behind it on their Facebook page last Friday. A 4th grader at Passmore Elementary named Kenlee was having a rough day and laid on the floor to get a break from all the noise under her blanket. The school's custodian, who Kenlee knows as Mrs. Esther, got down on the floor with Kenlee to hold and comfort the girl.

Kenlee's mother, Hollie, says Kenlee adores Mrs. Esther, who always greets her daughter with kind words and a hug.

Hollie told KTRK-TV didn't even hesitate when she realized the girl on the floor was Kenlee. She rushed to her side to help her feel better.

If you've had a tough day or have had enough negativity from the news, check out the story below. It'll recharge your heart.

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