Dog's are man's best friend. Unfortunately, man isn't always dog's.

The Associated Press reports that a 25-year-old man in Weatherford, Texas was charged with animal cruelty Monday after breaking a dog's neck. The dog had been abandoned at a North Texas trailer park, and he disposed of the animal in a trash can.

Authorities of Parker County said that the dog was somehow annoying Kyle Rufus Childers, so he took it upon himself to end the dog's life. Larry Fowler, a sheriff of Parker County said, "A resident who'd been giving the dog food and water saw Childers discard the dog's body."

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that authorities took the body of the dog to a veterinarian. X-rays revealed the injury that killed the canine.

The owner of the dog, Anthony West, 39 was brought into custody for abandoning the dog. He is currently free on bond, and told authorities he left the dog at a farm but it returned to the trailer park.


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