It's not exactly news because the program itself has been in place since 1993 according to an article from the Star-Telegram. The truth is, whenever someone who has been given a raw deal is able to rise above the circumstances and obtain a bachelors or even a masters degree after years in foster care in the state of a Texas, that's a reason to celebrate.

Foster kids can have college tuition waived if they enroll before they're age 25. The Texas Department of Education is looking for more foster kids to join the program. Around 3,200 students used the waivers in 2015, down from the 3,700 students two years earlier. That year there was an estimated 11,000 youth qualified for the waiver - and only 3,700 used it.

Right now, legislators and agency officials are trying to find ways to inform foster children as to their educational options.  Those in the system can speak with their caseworker or a social worker to find out how they can improve their future.

 The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, one of Texas's great newspapers, deserves a high-five for drawing attention to this missed opportunity.