A Forth Worth educator who sent a series of tweets to the president asking for help reporting illegal immigrants in her district has been fired.

KTRK-TV report that English teacher Georgia Clark was terminated by unanimous decision at a Tuesday evening meeting of the Ft. Worth ISD board of trustees.

Clark's firing comes after she sent a series of tweets to President Donald Trump asking for help reporting illegal immigrants in her district and "protection from recrimination should [she] report it to the authorities".

Clark has apparently been in hot water over controversial actions and comments in the classroom, having reportedly segregated her classes, used racially divisive language in class, and asked to see a student's papers before allowing him to use the restroom.

The Washington Post reports that Clark did not know her tweets were public.

Parents spoke out against Clark at the board of trustees meeting, with not a single person speaking in her defense. However, the Post reports that she has received support from people online, some of whom feel her dismissal is a violation of her First Amendment rights and others wondering why she would be fired for asking a public official to enforce the law.

Those offended by Clark's actions online and in the class say she was doing harm to her students' ability to receive a quality education to which they are legally entitled regardless of citizenship status.

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