The disease that wiped out half of Europe's population not too long ago has shown up next door.

USA Today is reporting that a third case of plague (yes, P L A G U E)has been confirmed in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

The CDC reports that, on average, there are seven cases of plague each year. They say it's a very serious illness to get, but, if caught early enough, it is treatable.

If you lose a bet and have to travel to New Mexico, stay away from animals if you can. Pis spread via fleas that hang out on rodents. If pets are out hunting or scavenging and run across said rodents, the fleas will hop on over to them and they, in turn, bring the pests back into homes with humans. BAM! YOU'VE GOT PLAGUE!!!!

As you can see on the map, that there must be a s**t-ton of rodents in New Mexico. My guess, and this just pure speculation on my part, but in an alternative fact world it's so true, that all the rodents are hanging out near Geroge R. R Martin's house. That rat bastard is too busy feeding all of them instead of finishing the "Game of Thrones" series. (Jack-Mule)

But, to truly play on your paranoia, you see that there have been cases of the plague in Oregon. Well guess what is going to cross the U.S. in August? That's right - the eclipse. We'll see if plague cases shoot up after that event. (STAY INSIDE AND CLOSE THE DRAPES FOREVER!)

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