You would think she just won the lottery with a smile like that.

San Antonio police had a pretty easy case on their hands Sunday night. Someone attempted to light another vehicle on fire using a Molotov cocktail. The cocktail missed the intended vehicle. Awhile later, another vehicle returns this time with a trashcan filled with gasoline. The trashcan is set on fire and placed under the victim's vehicle.

I guess throwing is not this person's strong suit, so just place the liquid under the car. According to KSAT, this was all caught on surveillance video. For the love of God someone release this video! I need to know how bad that first cocktail missed. San Antonio police found their suspect, 35-year-old Cierra Flores and  admitted to the whole thing. She apparently gave police a very detailed report of last night's events.


She told them she bought $1 worth of gasoline to make the Molotov cocktail, the affidavit states. She said she returned to the scene because the Molotov cocktail missed the vehicle. After the incident, she stopped at a corner store to “wash the gasoline smell off her hands,” investigators said.

The victim's car did have some damage to the driver side and tires. The victim was able to drive the car away from the flaming trashcan of gas before more damage was done. Cierra Flores was charged with arson and her bond is set at $12,000. She is going to have a mugshot that will go down in Texas history.

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