How stupid can one person be?

According to our news partners at News 10, a charity fundraiser was being held by police and firefighters at the Waco Axe Co. on Monday night for the family of the late 35 year old Lindsey Garnett-Hale, a paramedic with AMR who passed away Oct. 15 after suffering a medical event while on duty.

The event was called "Battle Of The Badges", and it was attended by several off-duty police officers as well as other first responders. So at an event filled with police officers, a dumb Waco criminal didn't catch the hint and thought, "I can make a killing stealing from here". Genius, right?

A witness on the scene saw the man rummaging through vehicles, so that witness went into the event and told the DOZENS of POLICE and FIRE FIGHTERS there what was going on. One of the off duty officers in attendance was interim Waco Police Chief Frank Gentsch.

Interim Chief Gentsch and several of his officers ran after the suspect, who dropped a backpack and trailer hitch while trying to escape and was apprehended a few blocks away, There, on-duty officers took the unidentified man into custody. The suspect has been charged with theft and evading arrest.

Let this be a lesson to all to STOP BREAKING INTO PEOPLE'S STUFF. If it ain't for you leave it alone.

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