Can a window be too clean?

A Texas woman is suing contracting company LaGrone Services, Ltd. for negligence after she reportedly walked into a "clear, -floor-to-ceiling window" at a Kroger grocery store in Conroe back in April.

KPRC-TV reports that she's seeking as much as $1 million for "past and future medical expenses, past and future physical pain and suffering, past and future physical impairment, past and future physical disfigurement and past and future mental anguish". (That sentence reads like a computer trying to scan A Christmas Carol. Yeesh.)

According to the Houston Chronicle, the plaintiff says the contractor failed to put warning stickers on the window, so they're to blame for her bonking her noggin.

Maybe I shouldn't make fun. I mean I don't know the lady's age and it's entirely possible for someone with bad eyesight, especially an elderly person, to mistake a big glass panel for a sliding door.

Then again, it's also possible for someone to be daydreaming or staring into their phone and just walk into the glass. Either way, I have to wonder how fast they were walking to rack up a million bucks-worth of damage.

In the immortal words of Jurassic Park's Ray Arnold, "It could have been worse, John. A lot worse."

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