The Great Blue Bell Licker Saga has come to an anti-climatic end.

Lufkin police say they've tracked down a juvenile girl seen licking the top layer of an open gallon of Blue Blue, then putting it back in a store freezer in a video that went viral and brought people's blood to a boil.

The girl lives in San Antonio. The licking incident reportedly happened at a Walmart in Lufkin, where the girl's adult boyfriend lives.

So, what's her name? Well, I wish I could tell you, but because the girl is under the age of 17, she's considered a juvenile offender. That means police cannot release her name.

"Because she is a juvenile offender, her identity is protected under section 58.104 of the Texas Family Code," Lufkin police wrote in a Facebook post. "The case will be turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and remains under investigation."

KENS-TV reports that she could face food tampering charges and a few years in jail. (See video above.)

Maybe it's a good thing her name isn't out there. A lawwwwwt of people were most unhappy about she did, and many probably want to force feed her diseased ice cream.

In case you didn't know, the girl not only licked the ice cream and put it back, but shared the video with this charming caption: "Yeah, I really did that. You can call it Flu Bell ice cream now ‘cause I was a lil sick last week. Repost yourself doing this. Let’s see if we can start an epidemic (literally).”

Yep, that's right. She wanted to get a new challenge going. Thankfully, it doesn't look like it's caught on yet. YET. Or hell, maybe it has and we don't know about it yet.

Either way, some people have started asking if Blue Bell ought to start putting some sort of seal around or under the lids on its pints and gallons.

What do you think? Should Blue Bell have a safety seal? Vote below, then sound off the comments section.

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