I'm not sure if we'd like to classify this under the 'bragging rights' category but a Central Texas City/Suburb was determined the drunkest city in the lone star state. The good people of 24/7 Wall Street did a study and compared statistics in every state to determine the drunkest city for each one.

So the drunkest city in Texas is...

Austin-Round Rock

Let's dig a little deeper.

> Drunkest city: Austin-Round Rock
> Pct. of MSA adults binge or heavy drinking: 21.5%
> Pct. of state adults binge or heavy drinking: 17.4%
> Pct. of alcohol related driving deaths: 34.9%

It makes sense a big metropolitan area would rank #1. I would have guessed one of these big cities with major universities (ie; Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio) would be crowned ' drunkest of Texas'.

Austin's share of adults who drink excessively is a little high compared to that of Texas and even nationally. 21.5% of Austin adults apparently drink a lot while the United States sits at 18% of adults. Texas' excessive adult drinkers is 17.4% - honestly, kind of a shock to me.

While excessive drinking doesn't guarantee there is more drunk driving in a community, it's hard not to argue the facts. Alcohol is involved in 34.9% of driving deaths in the area. That's higher than both the state of Texas and the national percentage.

So when you go out to your holiday parties this month, count your drinks, drink responsibly, have a sober driver, call an Uber or call No DUI Killeen for a free ride, courtesy of the soldiers in Fort Hood.

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