It was a very cold and rainy Monday night in Central Texas so just about everyone was stuck inside on their phones on social media. When I logged on myself I started seeing photos and videos of brooms standing on their own up and down the news feed.

Like all things on social media, once one does it, everybody does it. So I decided to trace the origin of this tomfoolery and was surprised to learn that some folks were equating the brooms standing on their own to the "vernal equinox" and the "gravitational pull" and the "Earth's Axis"...all of which was FALSE.

According to CNN, its simple physics (or your floor is that damn dirty) that's making your broom stand on its own and you can do this on any day of the week, not just when the "stars and moons are aligned". So for the record NO, NASA didn't say it was a "one day" only thing.

But that little fact didn't stop everyone from getting in on the fun. Here's some photos from a few listeners posted to my Facebook page:

Courtesy of Crystal Pope Taylor

Joann Matthews tried it with two different brooms and was successful!

Courtesy of Joann Bailey Matthews
Courtesy of Joann Bailey Matthews

Did you do the #TheBroomChallenge? Drop your photo in the comments and let's see how well you did!