Construction sites around Central Texas are asking for help. Multiple reports of stolen materials have been coming in from several lumber yards and building sites this spring and police are turning to the public for help.

One resident took the photo below after seeing some men enter a work site after hours and load up the truck in the photo with lumber.

A resident snapped photos as this truck was loaded with lumber after crews left for the day. (Courtesy photo via KWTX)


Chelsea Edwards with KWTX shared the story earlier this week about building materials being lifted right off the work sites in the Bella Charca neighborhood in Nolanville. David Roebuck is the construction manager for Symphony Homes and told News10 thieves aren't targeting one builder or person, they are looking for the opportunity to take any materials that might be accessible.

A load of lumber was delivered to one of his sites on Tuesday morning and about 30 minutes after the construction manager left the site a black and red pickup showed up and loaded up about $500 to $800 dollars worth of lumber and took off.

A watchful neighbor who lives near the site in Nolanville took the photo above which is being shared with area builders in an attempt to make sure the men in the truck aren't mixed up workers from some other worksite.

The photos were sent to the builder who then shared with other companies to make sure the men in the pickup weren't workers who mixed up sites. It looks like Symphony will have to absorb the cost of the stolen materials for now.

They are also working with Nolanville Police on getting surveillance video from the neighborhood. If you know anything at all about who is taking the materials out of this neighborhood in Nolanville, or have additional information about who is in the truck in the photo above, call the Nolanville Police Department at 1-254-698-6334.


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