KWTX's Alex Cano reported that a crash involving three vehicles in Killeen, ended with two people being sent to the hospital for injuries.

The three vehicle crash ended with a Chevy Surburban being turned on its side. The accident was reported to authorities around 10:00 a.m. on Friday. The accident occurred at the intersection of College Street and Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen.

Killeen authorities said, the driver of the eastbound Surburban didn't yield as he attempted to turn on northbound College Street. The Surburban and a pickup truck hit one another, and another vehicle stopped at the intersection was hit as well.

The man and woman in the Surburban were transported to the hospital for injuries they sustained in the accident. Killeen authorities said, the injuries didn't appear to be anything life threatening. EMTs on the scene, treated those people who were in the pickup truck involved in the accident. Two dogs were also taken from the scene, they were riding in the Surburban that turned over.

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