Happy Birthday Texas. Glad you pissed off Mexico.

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It was back in 1836 on March 2nd that folks in Mexican Texas said "enough". This is the day that they declared their independence from Mexico and created the Republic of Texas.

Being a Texas transplant I'm still learning about the state. So far I have 5 things that I love about the state that, if I were to leave, I would miss.



  • #5

    Breakfast Tacos

    Before you had to get your Taco bing in before 2 a.m. But in Texas you can party, drink, study, bump uglies, or whatever all night, then go out for tacos because of breakfast tacos. So damn good.

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    I don't really care for weeds. But what I'll miss is the way people freak out over these things. It's blue, or, occasionally orange and yellow. I guess everyone hates green so much that any change is a nice treat. But the thing I love the most is the pure pleasure people seem to get by tossing their children in the fields and ditches so they can take a picture.  "Julie! Drop the baby in the ditch and I'll take a photo of you doing it." "O.K."

  • #3

    Round Rock Donuts

    To this day, the best damn donuts in the world.  Krispy Kreme's can't hold Round Rocks crumbs. So worth the trip down the interstate, and the wait in the line.

  • #2

    Texas Sunset

    I love a good North Dakota thunderstorm, but when it comes to ending a day, there's nothing better that a gorgeous Texas sunset.

  • #1


    There is no better burger in America, or the world for that matter. Big, filling, and so tasty. If you can't get filled up with a meal from Whataburger you need to see a doctor. Easily the best thing about Texas.

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