KWTX reported that a recent Bell County investigation has led to major arrests in the Central Texas area.

The Bell County Organized Crime Unit Investigation of the distributuion of high-grade- marijuana in Central Texas had led to the arrests of two Central Texas natives.

Central Texas authorities said, "The seizure of nearly 30 pounds of pot, significant quantities of other illegal drugs, an assault rifle and $2,000 in cash led to the arrests."

The amount of marijuana seized, is equal to around $90.000 on the streets. The two arrested for their involvement in the case are, Kendrick Deon Parker, 29, and Laqunda Ami Meshea McCovery, 23, of Killeen.

Both are currently in Bell County Jail, and being held on the charges of organized crime and having over five pounds of marijuana but under 50 pounds.

Parker also was hit for a misdemanor charge of marijuana possession, and driving with an invalid license. Parker's bonds total out at $155,000, and McCovery's bonds total out at $150,000. The two were arrested on February 13th, and additional charges may be pending for the two as well.

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