Two former Coryell County jailers are now on the other side of the legal system after a foolish decision.

According to Kathleen Serie and our news partner KWTX, the pair were charged with official oppression for spraying pepper spray on an inmate's food before it was given to them.

Jason Sherill, 44, and Brent Schmidt, 23, surrendered to authorities Wednesday after warrants were issued for the two. They were later released after posting bond.

Coryell County Sheriff Scott Williams said, “It was a childish prank that could’ve led to something a lot more serious."

Williams found out about the incident on June 6th, and launched an investigation to get to the bottom of things. Williams found out that Sherill sprayed his pepper spray on the inmate's food, and Schmidt knew what happened and didn't say anything about it.

Williams said Sherill was terminated after admitting to the act. Schmidt was on paid administrative leave, but was terminated days later. The inmate was checked out by medical staff at the jail and is in good condition.

Williams turned the remainder of the investigation over to the Texas Rangers.

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