Despite initial media reports to the contrary, a body was indeed found in that charred cabin in Big Bear, California where accused multiple murderer Christopher Dorner spent his last hours. The public has since learned that Dorner was holed up just a short walk away from a police command center, and that officials may not have even knocked on the door.

Of more concern to many are the tactics used by law enforcement officials during the siege that ultimately led to Chris Dorner’s death. Did police attempt to force Dorner out of the mountain cabin using smoke bombs, flash grenades or even intentional burning? And if so, why? Was it really necessary, considering Dorner was pinned down with limited supplies? There are many questions and few answers at this time. We will bring you updates as they become available.

UPDATE 2-14-13 0600AM  Police are saying they did not intentionally set the blaze believed to have killed Dorner. Regardless of whether they meant to kill Dorner, officials have unfortunately aided in the development of a sort of folk hero following growing up around the accused multiple murderer. Even before his death, many people were attempting to rally support for the ex-LAPD officer despite heartbreaking accounts of his alleged crimes, including the murder of a young couple who had nothing to do with his dismissal from the LAPD. Dorner is even being compared to popular television characters, and social media sites have emerged supporting him. However, not everyone is impressed with Dorner, the nature of his crimes or the criticism surrounding the tactics used in the Big Bear siege that cost him his life. One thing is clear, however: Police may have inadvertently made a martyr out of an alleged multiple killer. Any way you look at it, it's an absolute tragedy that has left 5 people dead and divided an already increasingly tribalistic American public.