A massive search continues today for the man believed responsible for a California rampage that has killed 3 people.

Christopher Dorner, a fired Southern California police officer, began his killing spree on Sunday in Irvine California. The first two victims were 28-year-old Cal State Fullerton basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance, 27-year-old Keith Lawrence.  Police believe Quan was targeted because her father, Randal Quan, represented Dorner when he was fired by the LAPD in 2008. Dorner makes mention of Mr. Quan and several other potential victims in an angry manifesto that has been made public.

On Thursday, Dorner fired on two police officers in the city of Corona, California, injuring one. Later that day, two officers in Riverside, California were ambushed while their car was parked at a red light. One of the officers was killed.

Police continued to search for Dorner Thursday night and into Friday morning. His manifesto, which lays out his case for "warfare" against the LAPD, was published online by Los Angeles FOX affiliate KTTV. CNN news personality Anderson Cooper received a package from Droner on February 1. The package is said to have contained a note, a DVD and a coin shot through with bullet holes.

Dorner was dismissed from the LAPD in 2008 after making false statements about his training officer. According to his manifesto, anyone involved in his dismissal, including police officers, are "fair game", and his actions are provoked by a need to clear his name and expose corruption and racism in the LAPD.