I need your help.

I've been living in Central Texas for a year now and have taken residence in Harker Heights, Morgan's Point Resort and Belton (current). After a whole year of living in these parts, I have to find and send a Christmas gift to a friend but the gift has to be $20 or less and more-or-less represent the region I live in. Please help!

Here are the deets on my gift receiver:


  • Chocolate (not dark)
  • Coffee (black)
  • Wine (white)
  • Beer (all colors)
  • ... and Bling... lots and lots of bling


Now my first instinct is to find a six pack from a local brewery - maybe Barrow Brewing in Salado or Bare Arms Brewing in Waco?


What if I got a small batch of local favorites such as pecans and a jar of honey from Walker Honey Farm in Rogers or Sand Creek Farm and Dairy in Cameron.


Salado has a great selection of spots to pick up local wine such as Salado Creek Winery and Salado Winery & Wine Seller. There's also Nolan Creek Winery and Wine Bar in Belton and Dancing Bee Winery in Rogers.


This one has got me stumped. I have no idea where I can procure some bling or what said bling might entail. This is why I do not have a girlfriend, I suppose... Does this constitute as 'Texas bling'?

Help me figure out what gift best characterizes Central Texas that I can send my friend. If I go with your answer, it will be featured on here and on the air. Plus I'll let you know how it went!

Merry Christmas!