Rogers High School was placed on a brief lockdown Friday morning after a wifi hotspot named prompted safety concerns.

In a letter issued to parents, Rogers ISD Superintendent Joe Craig opened by writing that there was never an active shooter at any Rogers ISD campus Friday as some social media reports indicated.

Craig wrote that at 9 AM Friday, students logging in to computers to begin work on an assignment saw a personal phone wifi hotspot listed on their machines that caused some concern. They notified principal Lee Moses.

Following Rogers ISD protocol, school officials contacted law enforcement as a precautionary measure, Craig wrote. Police completed a room-by-room search of the campus before giving the all-clear, after which students were allowed to go to lunch and concerned parents were allowed to check their children out of school for the day if they felt so compelled. Classes then resumed as normal.

"Rogers ISD takes the safety of our students and staff members extremely serious," Craig wrote. "We will use today as a learning experience in a continued approach to improve our safety measures."

Neither Craig nor police have said what the name of the wifi hotspot was or why it prompted concerns.

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