They came in while everyone was sleeping. Not one, not two, but 25-30 feral hogs that caused damage throughout a neighborhood in Fort Bend County over the weekend before Christmas.

A security camera on Glen Garner's porch at his Sienna home captured a wild dinner party full of uninvited guests. He said there was damage in his yard, but some of his neighbors were hit worse than others.

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Several weeks ago in Northwest Houston, there were reports of feral hogs on the loose in urban areas as well. But who do you call? Turns out, feral hogs are not managed by Harris County Animal Control or Texas Parks and Wildlife.

What Should You Do If A Wild Pig Is Nearby?

The best thing to do if you see a feral hog is to leave the area and not confront it, as the animal can become aggressive if it feels under attack. Otherwise, find high ground, since wild hogs can't climb.

Wild hogs do not behave like domesticated pigs, and can be extremely dangerous. They are also capable of carrying and transmitting at least 30 different types of disease which can be life-threatening to livestock, other wildlife, and humans.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, since feral hogs are not protected in Texas, they may be taken at any time on private property. The only license requirement for feral hogs removal is a hunting license.

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There are about 6 million feral hogs in the United States, and about half of them are in the state of Texas. In 2013, the Central Texas Feral Hog Task Force was established in Caldwell, but decided to rename and broaden their efforts to control the wild hog population in Texas three years ago. The participating counties currently working with the task force are Caldwell, Guadalupe and Hays County.

In the meantime, beware! They love watered lawns. If it looks like something in your yard was vandalized, it might just be a feral hog (or several of them) trying to find dinner.

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