Truth is stranger than fiction, as two Waco police officers learned  Friday night when they had to respond to a call from a woman who was determined to get free chicken nuggets.

According to a Facebook post from the Waco Police Department, the officers responded to the woman's emergency call from an unspecified restaurant's drive-thru. The woman was angry that her nuggets were not being cooked in at timely manner and didn't want to be charged for them.

"Yes we went on this call," the post reads. "No...she did not get them for free. Yes we actually tied up two officers on this call. " The post did not specify what action officers took in response to the woman tying up resources.

The post was hash tagged #MakeMyNuggets, which we hope catches on as a way of shaming more people who make ridiculous calls to emergency services because of poor service at fast food places.

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