A Georgia woman has some painful tests and shots ahead of her after she says she had to choke a rabid bobcat to death.

KTRK reports that Dede Phillips spotted the bobcat near her truck and took a photo. When the picture snapped, the bobcat did the same, charging at Phillips. She was able to grab the animal by the shoulders and push it away before strangling it.

The fight cost Phillips some broken fingers and a few cuts and bruises. Those rabies tests should be fun.


Here in Texas, there's only been one confirmed report of a rabid bobcat. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the specimen was found in the Coastal Plains region. There have, however, been several cases of rabid skunks and raccoons in the greater Central Texas area.

Keep an eye on pets, and make sure any pets who spend unsupervised time outside have the latest rabies vaccinations.

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